The Sexy Side Of Social Networking

I’m sure most people when they think of social networking, don’t think of sexy. But there are many correlations between social networking and sexy that I well get into below.

Let’s step back for a moment and describe what social networking means. I’ve heard many different meanings but in a nutshell, social networking is the interconnection of individuals through various mediums that allows them to be “social”. Simple enough right? Doesn’t sound very sexy though, does it?

But if we break down social networking to what it truly is, the essence of it if you will, it’s all about connection and relationships. Hmm… sounds a bit like dating. Now that’s a bit sexier!

Maybe we need to redefine the term social networking to one that makes sense.

Social (Date) + Networking (Bar) = Relationships (Sexy)

When you think about it, using social networking to pull people towards you is like a dance. How you dance can have an impact on whether or not the other person wants to keep dancing. If you know how to get your groove on, others may want to stick around and keep dancing. Start dancing like a chicken and well… you can probably guess what the result of that would be.

So how do you tap into the sexy side of social networking and draw people to you like bees to nectar?

Practice your dance moves (aka getting yourself noticed).

Social networking, like dancing, takes practice! You are not born learning how to dance and the same goes with social networking. Sure, some people are better at it than others. This doesn’t mean you can’t craft your skill and get your groove on!

Hone in on your unique dancing abilities (aka be yourself).

Nothing wrong with learning some dance moves off of others; but ultimately you want to take what you learn and make it your own. There’s nothing more attractive than just being YOU!

Take it slowly (aka get to know each other).

I may have been out of the dating scene for a LONG time, but I know one thing for certain, slow is the way to go. You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date would you? Well, the same goes for social networking. Schmooze your audience; buy them a drink. Show interest in them first and then put the moves on!

Show them that you care (aka nurturing your relationships).

Now that you have them in your inner circle, show them some love. After a months or years of cultivating and nurturing a relationship, you wouldn’t want to leave someone flat and on their own, would you? Relationships take work – ongoing. You’ve done the hardest work already; now show them you still care by consistently providing value.

Did I do a good job at showing the sexy side of social networking? Who knows. But I’m ready to dance; in an innocent, platonic way of course.

So what do you think? Do you think social networking can be sexy?

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