How A Simple Connection Can Lead To A Promising Collaboration

It’s not so often that you connect with people in life. I don’t mean in the superficial, “hi, how are you doing?” type of the way. I’m talking about type of connection that makes you feel instantly related to someone when you meet. And making connections online just makes this challenge that much more difficult.

But since I’ve seriously started blogging online, I made it a point to connect with other bloggers and online business owners. But there had been a few from the very beginning that I connected with. And amidst all the “stuff” we do to try to market out blogs and work our business, we’ve managed to stay connected and continue to support each other.

Why am I telling you this?

…because from connections follows collaborations. Sure you can join forces with someone you barely know and cross your fingers and hope for the best. But the true gems are going to come from already established relationships with people you’ve come to know, like and most of all trust!

A Story

Soon after meeting DiTesco from IBlogZone, I knew that I wanted to work with him; it just came down to a matter of ‘how’. But soon enough we joined forces and started a new website that will not only help a whole community of people with their online ventures, but will prove to be a worthwhile business venture for us both.

Because of our mutual respect and continued support, I decided to reach out to Francisco and ask him if he would be interested in this new business venture I wanted to pursue. I wanted to start a new social network much like BlogEngage and BizSugar, but one solely focused on WordPress.

Thankful DiTesco responded with a resounding yes; and we quickly focused and got to work. Soon enough WordPress Junkies, the WordPress Social Network was born! Now I won’t go into details about it because DiTesco did such a wonderful job getting into the nitty griddy details of WordPress Junkies. So please head over and  learn more about this new site and what it can do for you.

This post is about the birth of collaborations… so getting back to the story.

You may be wondering why did I seek out DiTesco to join forces with me on this? Why didn’t I go at it alone?

There are several reasons:

One, I am already so engrossed in writing for NewBizBlogger, guest posting on other sites and working on my online business training program (coming soon ), that taking on another venture of this magnitude alone would just be a bit much. A partner would allow me to share the sweat equity, costs and broaden my reach.

Second, I’ve always believed that no man is an island. In business, as in life, we need other human beings to move forward. As children, it started with our parents, care-takers and teachers. As we grow older and became adults it continued with our peers, bosses and mentors. We rely on others; and it should be that way.

Third, I knew in my gut that a joint venture with DiTesco would be win-win for both of us. We already had similar work ethics, our desire to help others, our passion to succeed with our business(s) and most importantly our addiction to All Things WordPress!

And last but not least, the power of the many always outweighs the power of the one. It is why I’ve always “preached” about the power of collaboration; it is why I whole-heartedly believe Mastermind groups are invaluable.

Two brains are really better than one…

Morale of the story: Not everyone you come into contact with, will be potential prospects. Some of these people will become friends, supporters and maybe even collaborators. So build and nurture your relationships because you never know where that relationship will one day lead.

So do me a favor? Head over and read all about WordPress Junkies and become part of community that I know with out a doubt will soon be the place to go for all your WordPress needs.

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