7 Essential Social Media Strategies That Boost Productivity

What success have you achieved with social media?

In this article, I want to draw your attention on the immense benefit of using social media to expand your business. For small business owners, the strategies here are going to triple your business growth, and influence in the web.

For bloggers, you’re going to gain a deeper revelation about marketing online, and what the future holds for the creative blogger. Let’s cut off the waste of time and dive in…

1. Tickets of T-shirts: Choose One

Have you ever won a ticket to a live event? Maybe you haven’t but I privileged enough to get one recently. It’s so certain that tickets don’t last forever. The moment you use it for the event, it’s expired. At most, you could use a ticket for few days, but after that, you ain’t going to use it any longer.

What does this mean for you as a business owner? Stop chasing after internet marketing tickets, don’t be a hit-and-run social media user, you’ve got to change your approach and stick around.

What you need is a T-shirt. A branded T-shirt stays with you for as long as you want. You may decide to wear it, or keep it in your box. Pursue the T-shirt; that lasting relationship and your success online would be real.

2. Act Like A Fisherman,

Fishermen have one thing in common, they are creative and hardworking. I’ve seen some fishermen who toil all day, without getting a catch. Although, not recommended but you could learn from it. The fact that you aren’t making money today via social media, doesn’t mean it will continue like that.

Every fisherman knows that to catch a fish, you need to determine where the fish lies, and devise strategies to catch it. You aim for a catch with your hook and line, or your net.

All in all, when you approach social media networks with the eyes of a bird, you’ll first determine your target audience, determine where and how the interact and then capture them.

Until you capture your audience, you don’t sell anything. That’s the secret!

3. Look For Needs And Fill It

The essence of using social media as a marketing tool, is to uncover needs and fill it. Every human being living on the face of this earth has one form of need/problem or the other. You the marketer/blogger is their eye to the invisible world.

You should deliver the best solutions to ease their problems.

A lot of people fail in this aspect and that is why building responsive subscriber base, and making sales is somewhat difficult for them. So, find out their exact problem and profer a solution to meet it. This way you would be able to convince them to visit your blog, join your email list and even spend their money.

This was the exact strategy I utilized when I launched my review blog that shares free vmware coupon, acronis coupons, icontact coupon and discount codes. Online shoppers wants to save money when they make purchase. I decided to fill this need, and that has made sales conversion high.

4. Act Like A Virtual Assistant

What does a virtual assistant do?

Their role is to help clients across the web, with their menial jobs like reading and replying to emails, helping out with article outsourcing, commenting on niche blogs, forum posting, classified adds job. As a virtual assistant, your client is happy when you do these jobs without complaining.

With social media marketing, you aught to visualise your prospects as clients. Find out what their ultimate goal is, and offer to help out.

No matter how little, it goes a long way to dictate your expertise. Will you be there when your prospects are not there?

5. Learn From Multinational Firm

Recently, I started studying marketing from top established firms. A great company you can learn social media marketing from is Apple Inc. Why not take a glance at their facebook page, it looks awesome, with a lot of likes and fans.

They have built a huge fan-base that buy their latest mobile devices every time it’s launched. By simply studying their sales page, product delivery packages and customer orientation, you’re on your way to achieving greater results with your marketing campaigns.

6. Communicate Effectively

Effective communication plays a very vital role in social media marketing. The people you’re marketing to are friendly in nature. They didn’t join social media sites to buy any product, they came primarily for friendship building, networking and staying abreast of latest trends.

By communicating effectively to them, you would win their hearts ultimately. One vital secret of effective communicators is their ability to LISTEN. A wise marketer listens to his prospects, this way you can design products that aligns with their needs.

7. Focus On Core Priorities

If you’re not careful with social media marketing, there is every tendency that you would waste a lot of time with it. To avoid that, set your goals, map out your innate potentials and determine what your core priorities are. What do you want to achieve with social media marketing – generate leads, build blog readers, get sales etc?

Your core priorities would help channel your campaigns aright.

If you fail in this respect, time wasting becomes the order of the day. Time is precious and should be well spend. It’s the currency that’s scarce no matter how much of it you’ve.

The above 7 essential social media strategies, your business would definitely grow beyond your widest thoughts. But what makes the difference is action. Go and take the right step today, and meet me at the top!

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