Blokube: New Features – New Possibilities

In case you’ve missed it, a good friend of mine and amazing entrepreneur, Devesh not too long ago started his 2nd website called Blokube. It’s a “social voting site dedicated to professionals in Blogging, Marketing, SEO, SEM, web development etc.”

For those of you involved in the blogging community, this up-and-coming network is a great place to share your articles on any topic listed above, make friends and be a part of a vibrant and growing community.

Well, Devesh has recently update his website to add some new features that will further create an interactive and engaging community. (Watch out Dev, I may hit you up how you did this for WordPress Junkies, haha).

So what are these added features to Blokube?

First is the implementation of the new Activity Wall:

The basis of this concept is much like Twitter/Facebook in that is allows you to keep track of those people you are following or following you, join in on conversations, share your thoughts and even email other users.

1 – Send a message to other users.

2 – Displays the latest update of that user.

3 – See who’s following you and who you are following.

4 – Keep up-to-date with what your friends are up to.

The second feature is the Chatroom Scrollbar:

Once you are logged in, you can see who’s online and chat with other users. You can also learn of any new announcements the Administrator may want to share with you.

Other features on this bar is a language translator, share option and online games. However beware, Wordz is addictive!

So go ahead and check out Blokube – The Social Media Network and Blogging Community. Become part of this growing community. One thing I know for sure; Devesh is passionate about what he does and won’t rest until Blokube is the hottest blogging social community available.

Have you visited Blokube yet? What are your thoughts?

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