How To Create An Inactive Link In WordPress

There may be a point in time when you are creating Pages in your WordPress website that you may want to create an inactive link. This may simply be to create a more functional, easily navigated site that does not need additional, unnecessary information.

I will show you how easily you can create an inactive link by simply creating a custom link via your Menu’s area of your dashboard.

Step 1: Log in into your Dashboard and go to Appearance>Menus

Step 2: Create the custom URL you would like to use. In ‘Custom Links’ enter the full URL of the Parent page you want to create and the Menu Item name and click on ‘Add to Menu’.

For example. if you would like to create a custom ‘Resources’ page, than you would create the URL,

Note: Prior to adding this custom link, be sure to select the Menu you would like this link to be added to.

Creating Custom Links

Step 3: Delete the URL of the custom Menu Item and replace with the symbol #.



Step 4: Click on ‘Save Menu‘.

Now go back to your site and refresh the page. You should have a newly generated inactive custom link.

Video Overview:

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