Ebooks – Creating, Uploading And Sharing

Creating and sharing an ebook is a lot easier then you’d probably think. However, if you’ve never done it before, it can be a pretty intimidating process at first. But once I show you how simple it is, you’ll be creating and sharing ebooks in no time.

Why create an ebook?

Ebooks are a great way for you to create something of value to your readers. If you run a blog, it is a great way to share with your readers an area you are knowledgeable in. If you are selling physical products or offer a service, you can educate people about your product or service.

You may also want to create an ebook for the purpose of selling it. Maybe there’s a niche you are well versed in and can monetize that knowledge by creating an ebook and selling it on your website.

Another valuable technique is to create an ebook and offer it as a bonus to your website visitors who optin to your newsletter. I personally use this technique and it works very well. It’s a win-win situation. You are obtaining a subscriber that you can create a relationship with via email and in exchange they are getting something of value immediately and on-going.

Tip: You will want to ensure that the ebook you offer has value for the reader and is something that you’ve put thought and time into. Ideally it should be material you have created yourself, but if you are going to use a Private Label Rights (PLR) article, just make sure you’ve read the ebook yourself and it’s something that is not only valuable but relevant to your industry.

How to create an ebook?

The most basic and simple technique is to create a word document in Microsoft Word; add images, links, headers, footer, etc., and convert it to a PDF.

It’s very simple. Once you’ve finished creating your content, go to File>Save As>PDF.

If you do not have this function in your Microsoft Word or do not run this program, just do a search for ‘pdf converter’ and you will get a whole list of converters to choose from (many of them free). Also, if you want to prevent anyone from copying your material, I would suggest protecting the document by either encrypting the document or restricting permission.

Just go to File>Prepare>Encrypt Document or Restrict Permission.

My ebook has been converted, now what?

The next step, depending on how you intend to share your ebook is to upload your ebook to your site.

There are several ways to do this:

1. If you are using the ebook as a bonus for your optin form, then you can upload the file via FTP to your server and then email the link to the new subscribe. Read my article on How To Use FTP. You can insert the path link directly in the email. The other option is to attach the link directly in the email from your desktop instead of uploading the file via FTP. This is not the preferred choice as it leaves your subscriber open to possible virus attacks. [see video overview]

2. If you are looking to share the ebook freely, you can just simple upload the file to your server and share the link somewhere on your website for others to click and download.

3. If you are planning on selling the ebook, this will be more involved. This will involve you using a service such as PayPal or E-Junkie, where the buyer is taken to an area to pay for the ebook, before receiving the link to download it (I will cover this in a later post).

Video Overview [6min 37sec]: In this video I will cover:

  • How to create an ebook in Microsoft Word
  • How to upload the file via FTP
  • How to add the link directly to your website or insert the link in an autoresponder using Aweber

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