Is Your Facebook Fan Page A Virtual Ghost Town?

Creating a Facebook Fan Page can be a very effective way to market your online business if used properly. The problem is that when you are first starting out, it takes a bit of effort to entice visitors to join and participate in the community.

Setting up your Faceboook Fan Page for your online business is rather easy. If you haven’t done so already, read my post on creating a facebook fan page.

However, if your Facebook fan page is feeling a bit like a virtual ghost town, then try implementing some of the techniques I’ve mentioned in the video below.

Video covers:

  • Engaging your audience
  • Implementing application such as
  • Adding links and videos to add depth and interest to your page
  • Creating a customize facebook landing page
  • Advertising on Facebook

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Video Transcription:

In today’s video I would like to go over techniques you can implement in your Facebook page to make it more engaging…especially if you don’t have hundreds of followers yet or if you are the only one driving the conversation.

So first, sharing links and videos is a great way to encourage and engage your visitors. Maybe you want to share a link on an application you find useful or it’s a music video that you enjoy and find inspirational. The point is, the more depth you can create with the page the more interesting it will be to other people.

Some other ways would be to ask questions and to encourage participation with the community. And these questions don’t necessarily have to be about your business. It can be just general questions to get related to your visitors and start creating trust.

Unfortunately, my previous posts are not showing up here for some reason, so I can’t show you…but I think you get the point. You can also include tips, like this one about leveraging your marketing efforts and action plans. There are some other really cool neat ways to engage your audience.

As well, you can also utilize an application such as Involver that will allow you to include additional social networking sites on your page. As you can see here, I have YouTube and Twitter added to the page. So when someone clicks on these tabs, they get to see the interactions I am having on those social sites. I will have a link under this video in my post, so you can install the software and start using it. And it does allow up to two social sites, after that they charge a fee for it.

And it really gives your followers the opportunity to see what you are up to and hopefully they can join you on those sites as well if they have done so already.

One last cool technique is to include a customized landing page. So for example, if I click on ‘Welcome’, you see here, I’ve created a landing page for first time visitors to my Facebook page. And I have everything outlined here – what this page is about and what I provide. It’s actually very easy to do….and I’ll get into that on the next video, but it’s very simple.

Ok, so there you have it. I would start promoting your page by including a link on your website or your blog or other social media sites you use currently. You also utilize Facebook advertisement to promote your page…it’s very inexpensive and it may bring some very good results.


Any techniques you use that you would care to share? And oh by the way, don’t forget to click on that neat retweet button up on the right and share this with your buddies.

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