30 Online Business Tips- Help Along Your Google Ranking, SERP’s and Website Traffic

Here is a list to help you along your way to improve website ranking and search engine optimization. It’s not an exact science, and I can’t guarantee that working on these areas will put you on the first page of Google, increase your page rank or website traffic. However, collectively, it will definitely increase your chances for better results.

My suggestion to you is to take one online business tip, Google it, learn how to do it and then implement it on your website. Once you’ve done so, then move on to the next tip.

Some of these tips are direct tips to implement on your site such as adding keywords and alt tags whilst others are not, although have an impact nevertheless.

These business tips are not in any particular order of importance. I would say, however, that the first five are very important if you want to rank well in search engines for your chosen keywords.

Note on keywords:

You have the option to add anywhere from 60-80 characters of keywords on your website for best results. However, when optimizing your website I would really concentrate on just a couple per page, making sure that these select keywords are present throughout that page.

Your top keywords should be focused on your main (home) page, while your “less” relevant keywords can be focused on various other pages on your site. You can use Google Keyword Tool to begin searching for your keywords. It’s a very effective tool and better yet, it’s FREE!

Here is a quick example of keyword selection:

Let’s say you are selling dog collars and have the following keywords listed in your meta tags:

Dog collars

Dog choke collars

Blue dog collars

Dog collars for sale

Dog training collars

Dog walking collars

Dog training collar reviews

I would choose one (maybe two) of these keywords and optimize each page with them. Take note when deciding which one to choose. Dog collars may be the highest searched term, but in a very competitive market it may be extremely difficult for you to rank well with it.

You may opt to choose a slightly less competitive keyword, or even rather a long-tail keyword, and increase your chances of ranking better.

Take care of keyword stuffing. Overuse of these keywords may have a negative impact.

  • First, keyword stuffing will not come across as natural to the reader and may cause them to lose interest.
  • Second, it’s a possibility that overuse of your keywords can cause you to get penalized by Google.

So here are your 30 Online Business Tips:

  1. Add keyword in your url
  2. Add keywords in title
  3. Add keywords in meta tags
  4. Add keywords in content
  5. Have keywords in heading (H1) tags
  6. Make your categories keywords
  7. Post comments in forums
  8. Post comments in blogs
  9. Utilize article marketing
  10. Join social networking sites- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  11. Video Marketing- YouTube, TubeMogul, etc.
  12. Host webinars
  13. Work on your branding
  14. Use tags in your blog
  15. Make sure you have necessary plugins for your site. For example, All-In-One-SEO for WordPress
  16. Keywords in url paths- Tip: Use dashes as opposed to underscores -no separation of keywords is not suggested.
  17. Show related posts if running business on blog platform
  18. Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks (need I say more)
  19. Work on your page load times
  20. Keywords in H2-H6 tags
  21. Keywords in alt tags for your images
  22. Carrie a notebook with you at ALL times to write down spontaneous ideas
  23. Pay-per-click techniques
  24. Work on offline marketing techniques
  25. Podcasting techniques
  26. Make sure your website is in the appropriate readability level for your target market
  27. Html validation of your site is not imperative but helpful
  28. Anchor text in links
  29. Use of hypertext links
  30. Guest blogging is a great way to increase exposure and get relevant backlinks

Good luck and leave me a comment below and let me how this has worked out for you. And please feel free to share this with your friends!

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