10 Useful Tips to Help You Get Paid By Your Clients on Time

Freelance content writing is a trade catching up fast in the market. It is just like an investment of content on the part of a content writer towards a specific subject; while at the same time expecting return of significant revenues. As we all know that when there is an investment of any kind, there is also return of monetary benefits too expected. Similarly a freelancer needs timely remunerations in return for his hard work.

Often it happens that after the completion of work when it is time to get paid for the work done, the agency or the company in question delays the process of payment or avoids it. It does happen that at this point of time one does not know what exactly to do or where to turn to. Even after numerous calls and e-mails, one is not satisfied unless the work done is paid in full by the company concerned.

Now whether you are the one stuck in this situation or it is someone else that you know that is facing this issue, it is essential to know what steps to take. As it is a frustrating situation where the desired outcome is not reached and the time-line of payment is not met. In this situation there are a few steps that you can take so that your transactions run smoothly as well as rightful payment reaching you.

Here are a few of the essential steps in order to overcome late payment monster:

  • Remember to send a complete break-up of the work done in the form of a professional invoice of your work
  • If by any chance your payment is delayed by a day or two send a gentle reminder about it
  • Even after waiting for a span of 5-10 days if your payment still doesn’t arrive then again send a reminder
  • Call up and talk to the concerned person about the payments
  • If the matter becomes serious, then you can take the help of the court
  • You can confront the agency or the company in question directly about it.

The above mentioned steps are going to be effective if you are already facing trouble, however it is said that prevention is better than cure, so here are a few preventive measures that you need to keep in mind while you are on your road to doing freelance work:

  • Invoicing-

To gain proper payments for your hard work remember to put every detail in the invoice of the work done for the concerned company. At the same time try to create a professional looking invoice that shows your corporate identity. For these services, it would be better to make use of online invoicing services such as Invoicera, which is one of best online invoicing solutions available in the market.


  • Know your company-

It is essential to do some homework and some background research before you embark upon being employed as a freelance writer. Carry out proper research to check what exactly the company is all about and what solutions are offered. For more details you should also be able to check into the complaints section for grievances regarding payment or vendor harassment.

  • Contract / Agreements-

Remember that it is your work and so you need to be careful while making any sort of communication. Keep it professional and formal. Also remember that there should be some kind of legal binding of the contract between you and the company. This way you get a legal leverage to your work and the much required proof to what you exactly are doing. For creating, Contracts/Agreements you can make use of contractedge, which generates proper contracts/agreements easily.


Keeping in mind the above said and by implementing these steps they will surely help you with getting your dues paid on time.

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