Where Do I Start With My Online Business? Part 1

First off, just let me state how excited I am to be writing my first post! It’s been a while coming and I am so eager to dive in and start sharing with you all. My online venture started nearly a year and a half ago and WOW, it’s been quite a journey thus far.  If you want to read more about how I got started, just go to the About Me section on this site.

‘Where do I start’ is a question I’ve heard quite often in the past year from friends and acquaintances who also have ventured into the world of starting an online business.  They got their site up and running and were stuck on what steps to take next to bring their site to the next level. In short, MAKE MONEY!

Now I don’t profess to know all the answers. Remember this is my journey as well. But I have a learned enough in two years to put me in a very good position to help guide others.  My goal is to continue growing as an online entrepreneur by putting things to the test and then sharing it with you all. Think of me as the lab rat and you all the lab technicians, sitting back, taking notes and watching the results unfold before you

Note: If you are reaching this blog and have NOT started an online business yet, no worries. I will eventually cover the HOW-TO of starting a website or blog.  I will most likely post some articles on configuring a WordPress blog or give recommendations on ecommerce software, but that would be sometime in the future. In the meantime, definitely continue to read up on the necessary steps you will need to take once your site is up and running.

Anyway, sorry for digressing, let’s get back to the topic at hand; where to start! So you’ve spent the last 4-6 months designing your site, adding products, organizing your business affairs and you are live and ready for action.  However, if you are anything like I was 1 ½ years ago, you were left with this empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. How do you get the word out that you are open for business?

Well let’s compare starting an online business to a brick and mortar business.  What steps would you take once your store was open to let people know you were open for business? How about post some signs in the neighborhood, tell all your friends and family, advertise in your local papers, talk to non-competing businesses to partner with, check out what your competitors are doing.  Well it’s the same with your online business, just on a grander scale.

Tune in for my next article on what are the first steps to take once your site is up and running. Proceed to Where Do I Start With My Online Business? Part 2

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